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Sri Adi Shankaracharya Stotras, Kathāśravaṇam & Sanskrit classes

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Sanskrit Classes – Level II  starts @ 10:45 AM EST/9:15 PM IST

Sanskrit Classes – Beginners starts @ 11:15 AM EST/9:45 PM IST

Kathāśravaṇam session “Glorious stories from the Mahabharata” @ 11:45 AM EST/ 10:15 PM IST

Shloka Session starts @ 12:10 AM EST   

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Special Kathāśravaṇam session “Glorious stories from the Mahabharata” with our dynamic speaker Dr. Gopal Pingali, Saturdays @ 11:45 AM EST

Glorious stories from the Mahabharata – Part 8

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Sampoorna Bhagavad Gita Parayanam, Gita Jayanti, Dec 3, 2022

Sanskrit Classes with Sri Gururaja

Gururaja is a graduate from National Sanskrit University, Tirupati and has been pursuing Sanskrit for the past 10 years. The main reason for his passion for Sanskrit has been his guru SriKrishnaPremiMaharaj (fondly called Kitta Anna).

It was his dream to teach Sanskrit to all and for that he extensively studied the language for the past five years in order to spread the knowledge in a right way and thus led him to pursue masters in “Paninian Grammar” from National Sanskrit University, Tirupati.
He is currently pursuing PhD in the same University.

With the blessings of his Guru ‘Kitta anna’, he initiated a platform for learning Sanskrit called Premavānī which is an easy and interactive learning platform ,to instill the essence of Indian heritage which aims to encourage individuals to learn Sanskrit for free and thereby making them a vital contributor in reviving our heritage.

His guru Kitta Anna and his parents have always been an integral part in encouraging him to pursue his passions.

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Looking forward to great sessions of learning this divine language with this passionate teacher!!

“Kathāśravaṇam”: With the blessings of Sri Periyavas, we are planning to start a new once-a-month series – “Auspicious days in Sanatana Dharma.” We will continue with “The Bhagavata Purana” series and will also have “Sampradaya Bhajan classes” periodically. 

Glimpses of Divinity

On this day (February 13) in the year 1907, Sri Mahaperiyava took Sannyasa. He lived 100 years to show how a Sanyasi should live in this world. Once, one of his attendants told Him that he saw some abuse about Mahaperiyava written on a stone. This stone was on the way to a river, in which Mahaperiyava would do His daily snaanam. The attendant also said that he had erased whatever was written. He felt that Mahaperiyava would pat him on his back for what he did. Instead, Mahaperiyava was a bit upset and told him, “I very rarely get an opportunity to correct myself, now you have deprived me of such an opportunity too!”

In the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna talks highly of a person to whom abuse and praise are the same –तुल्यनिन्दास्तुतिः / तुल्यानिन्दात्मसंस्तुतिः  (tulyanindā-stutiḥ / tulyānindātma-saṃstutiḥ)

tulyānindātma-saṃstutiḥ– as someone who is very dear to Bhagavan, and as a person who is beyond the three gunas (Satva, Rajas, Tamas). If at all anyone needs to know how such a person would be, we just need to look at Sri Mahaperiyava.

तुल्यनिन्दास्तुतिर्मौनी सन्तुष्टो येन केनचित्‌ |  अनिकेतः स्थिरमतिर्भक्तिमान्मे प्रियो नरः ||12-19||

     tulyanindā-stutir-maunī santuṣṭo yena kenacit |  aniketaḥ sthira-matir-bhaktimān-me priyo naraḥ ||12-19||                           

समदुःखसुखः स्वस्थः समलोष्टाश्मकाञ्चनः |     तुल्यप्रियाप्रियो धीरस्तुल्यनिन्दात्मसंस्तुतिः || 14-24||

sama-duḥkha-sukhaḥ svasthaḥ sama-loṣṭāśma-kāñcanaḥ|tulya-priyāpriyo dhīras-tulya-nindātma-saṃstutiḥ|14-24||

मानापमानयोस्तुल्यस्तुल्यो मित्रारिपक्षयोः |     सर्वारम्भपरित्यागी गुणातीतः स उच्यते || 14-25||

mānāpamānayos-tulyas-tulyo mitrāripakṣayoḥ |      sarvārambha-parityāgī guṇātītaḥ sa ucyate || 14-25||

Let us remember this great Mahan on this day 🙏

सकृत्स्मरणमात्रेण भवरोगविनाशके |   श्रीचन्द्रशेखरपादाब्जे भासेताम् हृदि मे सदा  ||

sakṛt-smaraṇa-mātreṇa bhava-roga-vināśake |śrīcandraśekhara-pādābje bhāsetām hṛdi me sadā ||

–“Remembering MahaPeriyava” by Sri Chandrasekharan Raman


Arya Shatakam Class Announcement

First Session on Friday, December 3 @ 8:30 Pm EST

With The Blessings of Periyavas and Ambal, , Dharma Moolam Mooka Pancha shati – Arya Shatakam class will begin shortly.   Arya shatakam, having 100 shlokas, is a part of Mooka Panchashati written by Mookashankarendra Saraswati Swamigal of the Moolamnaya Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam on Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Amba. Mahaperiyava has referred to Mookapanchashati as one of the three uttama stuthis on Kamakshi Devi. The phalan of chanting Aryashatakam is Vaak vilasam – Intelligent speech. Sessions will be 30 minutes long & We will learn the 100 shlokas of Arya Shatakam over the next few months & will have the concluding session on Vasanta Navaratri in April, when the participants will take turns in chanting all the 100 shlokas.

We are planning for sessions on Friday evenings – To register & give your preference for class timing please fill out the survey form.

Program Announcements

Thu, Feb 10: After a divine Dhanur Masa Sampradaya Bhajan Sessions, Kathāśravaṇam classes will resume on Sat, February 12 @ 11AM EST/ 9:30 PM India Time. With the blessings of Sri Periyavas, we are planning to start a new series – “Auspicious days in Sanatana Dharma.” We will continue with “The Bhagavata Purana” series and will also have “Sampradaya Bhajan classes” periodically. 

Auspicious days in Sanathana Dharma” Sessions will be conducted by Sri Sri Shyam Panchapakesan. 

Message From Shyamji

Our Dharma has a lot of auspicious days also known as punyakaalam – some of them are famously celebrated as festivals such as Deepavali, Pongal, etc. In this once-a-month series, we will briefly see some of the auspicious days to be observed in that month; their significance and how they are traditionally celebrated.

Looking forward to an enriching session, This Saturday Feb 12 @ 11AM EST/ 9:30 PM India Time!!

In Shloka Session, we will be learning Sri Meenakshi Pancharatnam this month


Sat, Nov 20: This week’s  story session will be with our spectacular storyteller Sitaramji narrating the story of  Prahalda and Gajendra. 

Message from Sitaramji 

Of the many qualities that Sriman Narayana one of the best is Daya’ – roughly translated as Mercy. Now there are 6 witnesses to Mahavishnu’s daya – Draupathi, Ahalya, Prahalada, Dhruva, Gajendra and Vibeeshana.  Today’s talk will be on Ganjendra and Prahalada. Gajendra was cursed to become an elephant and faced great challenges to finally win over Vishnu’s affection. Prahalada on the other hand was born to a very powerful Asura and could have remained one, but was drawn to Vishnu and was the recipient of His daya. Looking forward to a great session with Sri Sitaram Sukumar this Saturday, November 20th @11AM EST/ 9:30 pm India time.

On this auspicious Kaisika Ekadashi weekend, Sat, Nov 13, we will hear about kaisika mahatmyam & the story of Nampaaduvaan from our spectacular storyteller Sri Shyam Panchapakesan. Bhagavata puranam will resume the following Saturday. Looking forward to a wonderful session with Shyamji this Sat Nov 13 @11AM EST/ 9:30 pm India time. JAYA JAYA SHANKARA HARA HARA SHANKARA


On Pitru Paksha Ekadashi, this Saturday, Oct 2,  Our amazing storyteller Sri Shyam Panchapakesan will narrate the story – “Pitru bhakti of Sons of Ramayana” – Shravana and Rama and the importance of matru-pitru seva and pitru vakhya paripalana. Bhagavata puranam will resume the following Saturday. Looking forward to a wonderful session with Shyamji this Sat Oct 2 @11AM EST/ 8:30 pm India time. JAYA JAYA SHANKARA HARA HARA SHANKARA

Sept 11, 2021

After Labor day break, classes will resume on Sat, Sep 11 @ 11AM EST/ 8:30 PM India Time.

Our Fabulous storyteller Smt. Vidya Srinivasan will be staring “The Bhagavata Purana” series. Children, young adults and parents can join and enjoy the blissful experience of listening to Srimad Bhagavatam – the Divine, Eternal Story Of Lord Vishnu . As it is the week of Shukla Panchami, during our shloka session we will recite the shlokas listed for Panchami pooja. Practice Shatpadi stotram( shloka of the month) well and get ready for Shukla Panchami shloka session. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

Message From Vidyaji

 This Kathāśravaṇam will be in English. Lord Krishna says He remains in Bhagavatham in this Kaliyuga.

We strongly recommend to participate in this series, that will be a great experience for all of us.

Sept 4,2021 No classes ( Labor day weekend)

Aug 28, 2021 

This week’s story session will be with our spectacular storyteller Sayeeji narrating the story of Poet Saint Manikkavacakar. Looking forward to a great session with Sri Sayee Natarajan this Saturday, August 28th @11AM EST/ 8:30 pm India time.

Message From Sayeeji :

This Saturday we’ll hear about the life history of Manikkavacakar, who was a poet from the 9th century. Through his story, we’ll hear about various miracles that took place in the recorded history of his life. We’ll also see the unique way Manikkavacakar approached Siva – as a lowly soul unworthy of the great lord.

One of his poems he says – “You gave yourself to me; You took me as yours in the process; Who is Smart? I got endless happiness from you; What did you get from me?” The same spirit lies in all of his writings. His writings are all in Tamizh and are so concise it can be completely read within 1/2 day. Many devotees do this regularly.

According to Ramana Maharshi, it is said that when Manikkavacakar attained mukthi, his body dissolved in a blinding light without leaving anything behind. We can all learn from the life of such an accomplished person – who also spent his life telling Siva I am not worthy.

Many thanks to all of the children and parents for giving me the opportunity to relish this great devotee’s life again on your behalf.

Aug 21, 2021

With The Blessings of the Acharyas of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, kathāśravaṇam Fall session is off to a great start with Sitaramji’s interesting narrative of the divine story of Sri Krishna Jananam. Thank you Sitaramji.

Program Outline

We will hear Stories of Gods & Goddesses, major festivals and stories from The Puranas. In the shloka sessions we will learn Sri Adi Shankara Shokas , more specifically – shloka of the month from Śukla Panchami Shankara Stuti Parayanam and Shlokas from select Dasakams from Sriman Narayaneeyam. We will start with Vishnu Shatpadi stotram & Sri Krishna Jananam shlokas from Srimad Bhagavatam. On the week of Śukla Panchami,  students will recite the shlokas listed for Panchami pooja along with the shloka of the month, during class.

If would like to repeat shlokas in class with your video & audio open,

Please sign up to take your turn

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Resources From  kathāśravaṇam Summer 2021Samkshepa Ramayanam & Sri Adi Shankaracharya Stotras”

Enjoy the videos of students chanting Samkshepa Ramayanam

 🔗Kathāśravaṇam Summer 2021-Samkshepa Ramayanam Video Collage