श्रीचन्द्रशेखर-जयेन्द्र-शङ्करेत्याकृतित्रितयभृत् त्रयीव य: l कामकोटिपदभूषणो गुरु: भाष्यकृत् कुवलयं पुनातु स: ll -- जगद्गुरुः श्रीश्रीश्रीचन्द्रशेखरेन्द्रसरस्वती स्वामिनः

Welcome To Dharma Moolam “kathāśravaṇam” Vigyapana

Wish you all A wonderful  Learning Experience! 

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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Messages From Pundits   

Jai Sri Ram Jai Hanuman Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

7/26/20 Message to Parents from Sri. Lakshmikanth Jonnalaggada


Last Thursday we started the overarching story of Mitrabheda, involving the lion king Pingalaka and the two jackals Karataka and Damanaka.

We covered two sub stories as well :
(1) The Monkey and the Wedge
Moral: It is not wise to poke our nose into affairs that are not our concern

(2) The Jackal and the Drum
Moral: Whether it is fear or happiness, one must know the cause (so we will not be afraid anymore or can genuinely be happy for longer)

There are many principles we touched upon, in the stories – e.g.
*when and how to talk to elders;
*how one can cleverly apply common sense and get in the good looks of the authorities;
*examining to verify assumptions;
*developing rational thinking etc.

We will come across many more such wonderful life guiding nuggets of wisdom.

It’s been a pleasure sharing the millennia old Panchatantra experience with you all.

See you all again on Tuesday!!

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

7/25/20  Panchatantra Quotes and teachings for parents and kids 

This is niti, the harmonious development of the powers of man, a life in which security, prosperity, resolute action, friendship, and good learning are so combined as to produce joy. It is a noble ideal, shaming many tawdry ambitions, many vulgar catchwords of our day. And this noble ideal is presented in an artistic form of perfect fitness, in five books of wise and witty stories, in most of which the actors are animals.

To what good purpose can a cow that brings no calf nor milk, be bent? Or why beget a son/daughter who proves a dunce and disobedient?

Murkha spends most of the time sleeping, giving into addiction, fighting and arguing.

Of sons unborn, or dead, or fools (murkha – is larger meaning than fools), unborn or dead will do; they cause a little grief, no doubt;  but fools, a long life through. So parents – spend time, energy and money to correct kids.

Caress a rascal as you will, he was and is a rascal still: all salve and sweating treatments fail, to take the kink from doggy’s tail.

A man to thrive, must keep alive.

7/23/20 Message to Parents from Sri. Lakshmikanth Jonnalaggada

Hope everyone is looking forward to Thursday’s Panchatantra session.

I am excited as we will be starting with the story part of Panchatantra. We start with the stories from Mitrabheda, which include Pingalaka – the Lion and Sanjeevaka – the bull. The two jackals Karataka and Damanaka make the stories interesting.

Get ready for an exciting journey through the woods, and we will learn good life lessons along the way!

7/17/20 Message to Parents from Sri. Sayee Natarajan

Ram Ram. A heartfelt thanks to Acharya, volunteers, parents and children for giving me the opportunity; This has been a fulfilling experience. This journey started on Maha Anusham day 2020. All three Acharyas attended the event in the form of Padukas and the whole program revolved around Rama. We decided to chant Rama Nama for 28 days till next Anusham because we had an Anjaneya Alankaram made specially for the event and it felt right. It has continued now into this program and concluded on Dakshinayana Punyakalam/Ekadashi/Guru Varam with Sita Kalyanam. We could not have planned it. Thank you all for being a part of the Koti Rama Nama Japam as well.
This wraps up the Ramayana part of the summer session and we’ll switch to Pancha Thantra stories. We have a dynamic speaker lined up and we’ll share details shortly.

7/16/20 Message to Parents from Sri. Sayee Natarajan

Ram Ram.

Today we’ll finish the Ramayana session with Sita Kalyanam. We plan to introduce Ahalya Vimochanam. We will skip over the complicated parts just stating that Indra committed balaprayogam against Ahalya. Ahalya is both cursed and blessed – she becomes achaithanyam (invisible) to people, but is also blessed that she’ll be rescued by Sri Rama. We wanted to give you advance notice, so you know that we are tackling a difficult topic for children of this age.

Also today we’ll touch on Telugu songs by Saint Thyagaraja

7/15/20 Message to Parents from Sri. Sayee Natarajan

Ram Ram. Yesterday’s class introduced several concepts: we explained Rama’s bhakthi to parents and Guru; showed a quick pooja with 16 steps (please encourage if they seem interested in this); we introduced the concept of Karma (using Harishchandra’s story as backdrop), touched on Mahabali/Prahalada and ended with Taraka Vadham. We have been touching on regional languages – a Kannada song on Sri Rama in session 2,  a few Tamizh words in session 3.  We joked with insurance company jingles – with goal of stressing that Rama Namam is Insurance itself. We are looking forward to the final session on Ramayana coming up tomorrow.

7/14/20 Message to Parents from Sri. Sayee Natarajan

Dear parents, Today we have Ramayana story telling. We’ll emphasize that Rama’s great quality was listening to his parents and Guru. We’ll touch on Harishchandra and have them contemplate difficult times/Karma. We’ll see the story of Mahabali and briefly introduce Pahalada as his grand-father. Today may be a good day to briefly remind them about Prahalada; We’ll touch on this.

7/13/20 Message to Parents from Sri. Sayee Natarajan

Ram Ram. We know it is Monday and we’ll be brief. Tomorrow, Rama will have to leave his Dad for the first time with Viswamithra. He will be heading to his first encounter with a Rakshasha. Since the children have been saying Rama Nama, we plan to introduce to concept of a pooja; as their bodies become temples to Rama, they can easily do a manasa pooja to Rama.

7/12/20 Message to Parents from Sri. Sayee Natarajan

Ram Ram. We hope you had a chance to see the video about Rama Nama Parayanam and shared it with the children. We have introduced the miracle of human birth and had the children contemplate that some things like a Tulsi plant has life whereas a stick does not have life. It subtly implies that where there is life there is Atma.
                  This will naturally raise many questions and we hope it made your children curious. It may trigger questions in them  either now or a bit later – some could be very complex questions. The answers to many of these questions will be too much for these children and there are not a lot of good English language resources. For now, encourage all the questions. Have them imagine possible answers. Their path to Gnana starts from questions. Any question from the kids is to be celebrated as a huge milestone in their development.                               We hope to introduce them to Mathru Bhasha as we progress – since very good answers are in books in the original languages. As they grow we intend to connect them with scholars who can answer the questions at the right stage. For now, you can state that the answers to some of the questions are very complex; So by necessity some of the answers are simplified versions of the correct answer. Thank you again for taking the time to help shape these young minds. 

Jai Sri Ram Jai Hanuman

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